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Energy Facilitation
These treatments or modalities can be requested as stand alone sessions or may be used in conjunction with one another to meet your individual needs (unless otherwise stated).  


A system for researching and releasing the subconscious mind and soul records using charts, questions and a pendulum.  This technique isolates limiting, discordant or harmful patterns in our life and reshapes them to loving and supportive patterns that promote an abundant, joyful and prosperous life and environment.


A system of healing facilitation starting at the ethereal sphere located and attached to the center of the heart where the four chambers intersect that activates and engages the carbon atoms of every cell to promote optimal health. 


This technique is an interpretation of several ancient healing practices that use the palms of our hands 2 to 3 inches away from your body.  This system detects any unevenness or differences in the energy of the person being seen; it redistributes excesses and reinforces diminished areas so the body's energy flows smoothly and evenly to all areas and is great for anyone sensitive to being touched.


An ancient healing practice rediscovered in Tibetan that channels universal life force energy in a particular pattern to bring forth harmony and balance into ones life.  It works on the physical, mental and emotional levels by eliminating and removing toxic energy and substances and can be used on plants and animals safely. This energy identifies and goes to the cause of the issue to correct it. which is not always where you feel the discomfort.


Chakra is Sanskrit for "Wheels of Life".  We have what is generally considered seven major energy centers or chakra in our etheric body.  These major chakra support over 700 minor energy centers that regulate the flow of life force energy or Chi for spiritual, emotional, mental and physical well being. This clearing and balancing allows greater clarity and harmony into your daily life.


This modality connects and activates the 10 remaining strands of DNA  that were originally considered "junk DNA".  Through the use of newly connected DNA and quantum science theory your core issues are easily and quickly changed for optimal health.  These changes are then integrated quickly for long term results.


Through the transformation of the memories, ideas and beliefs that shaped your world into what it is today, we are able to remove limiting beliefs resulting in greater happiness, joy and abundance in all aspects of your life; physical, emotional, mental, intellectual and spiritual.


With the alignment of your body's axiatonal lines, electromagnetic grids and chakras with the earth's grids you will experience greater health and vitality.  As the world continues to shift quickly it is important that we realign ourselves with the earth's energy frequently so we are able to cope with the constant changes that are occurring.  This is a stand alone session.


A system of activating points on your physical body that refers to points in the star systems. The light bodies are activated in three sets of three; a total of nine lightbodies.  We become aware of our connectedness to all beings and experience an expanded appreciation of the world unfolding around us.  These are stand alone sessions. Matrix Healing Connection must be completed first.


This technique is the balancing of the cerebrospinal fluid system through the use of extremely gently pressure on various points on your head and both sides of your body.  The cranialsacral rhythm is accessed through these points and this technique uses your bodies' natural healing ability to dissipate injury, trauma and stress that have limited your vitality and/or mobility.


A system "designed to support the body in organizing and restoring the central nervous system to its optimum state."  Using a type of kinesiology your body is used to identify the areas of injury that are still traumatized and then to promote, restore and maintain balance within your energetic, emotional and physical systems.