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Massage/Bodywork Services

Get away from it all for a short time.  Relax, unwind and reset your day with a gentle massage.  Types of massage offered:

        *Swedish Massage - a soothing, relaxing touch that relieves muscle tension

        *Lymphatic Massage
  - a gentle, light touch to move toxins out of the body


Remove unwanted inches, excess fluids and toxins through the application of special herbal lotion.  Benefits seen are reduction in body measurements, improved skin tone, healthy glowing, smoother, softer skin.


With the use of essential oils, hot packs and gentle rocking motions, allow your consciousness to be lulled into a new sense of peace while your body balances and re-aligns its energy centers. Excellent for stress relief.


With the use of gentle pressure techniques on either feet or hands, you can help restore the natural equilibrium to your body. Great for organ stimulation and to remove sluggishness or pain in your body.


Remove toxins, heavy metals, excess yeast and parasites from your body with an Ionic footbath.  This is an easy way to undo some of the tissue aging that results from everyday living in a large metropolitan area.